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Life update

Well, [imperative verb] me [colorful phrase] and [imperative verb] me [another colorful phrase] !!

It's been so long since I've posted here that everything looks different.  I'm not very happy with change, ya know.  Well, one more thing I've got to suck up.

LJ seems to be dying the slow death.  I am presuming most people went to tumbler.  Too bad, I think I'm missing lots of stories. Not that I have time to read them all, anyway.

Life has been pretty ruff and busy.
Ma is steadily going downhill.  She is definitely a two person job now.  Really too much for just Barb & I to take care of by ourselves.  But, that's a whole other sob story.  I am so tired.
Ma fell out of bed today while trying to get up by herself.  I neglected to replace the chair that blocks the end of the bed so it was kind of my fault.  My excuse is that I am sick and my brain is leaking out my nose.  I lost all my concentration brain cells.

Let's see...the only real excitement I had this year was my 3 day vacation in Toronto for TFcon.  Was lots of fun, even though I paid for it with my sister constantly bringing up the fact that she had to take care of ma all day.  Yeah, well.  Take care of ma and get the farm.  She wanted the farm, so quit bitching.
One fun thing I did recently was go to see the Brian Setzer Orchestra's Christmas Special.  It was kind of a last minute thing.  Got a really good seat because single seats are scattered all over the theater. If you have the chance, you should go see them.

I tried to do Na-No with my buddy, but failed miserably.  I just didn't have the time to keep plugging.  I think I got 4k words done, which included my outlines.  Sad, sad.  But, at least I have a story idea pretty well mapped out.

We've got snow already.  I am so not ready for winter.  My plow truck has some sort of leak in the engine.  I think it's from the gaskets over the manifold.  Possibly oil dripping onto the manifold.  It smokes up and scares me, but I don't think it's dangerous as long as I watch the fluid levels.  I wish I know someone that could fix it, but the truck's really not drive-able for any distance.  There used to be a repair team that brought a van to your house to fix vehicles, but they went out of business.  :(

Checking out the woolly bears in the month of October, the consensus seems to be that we will have a hard winter, with most of the nasty stuff in the beginning.  You know the legends, right?  The larger the red, the worse the winter.  And, the worse weather corresponds to whichever end has the larger black.  You can see the guy crawling has more black at his head.
Believe it or not, this old wive's tale does come to pass, more often than not.       

wooly bears

On a side note, don't you just love woolly bears?  They are so soft and tickle your hands.  I like to gather a handful and shake them up in my cupped hands so they roll into balls.
Then, I let them go...eventually.

I decided that I am going to get into the groove of posting here again.  To accomplish this, I am going to make up my own picture meme.  One pic for each day of December, related to snow, ice, etc.  I don't even have to type captions.
If I miss a day, kick me in the aft.

Here, if you feel like doing me a favor, go click my Valenth eggs.  Some of those poor things have been eggs for 3 years!  http://yummyquik.livejournal.com/1393.html


For now, I'm going to take my sniffy pills and go to bed.  Hopefully I will be able to breathe tonight.


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Dec. 1st, 2013 02:25 pm (UTC)

I've been finding new friends on here on Add Me type groups, where people introduce themselves and you can request being added to their friends list, or you can just go ahead and add them yourself. I met some great folks that way. My LJ has been busier than it ever has been. :-)

I had hoped things would've improved with your Mom since your last entry. I'm so sorry to hear they haven't. I think of you, her, and your sister quite often.

I love all sorts of caterpillars. I always try to rescue ones that I find on the road. Place them in green areas.

Looking forward to more posts from you when you can manage it! Your Christmas card will be going out shortly! <3
Dec. 5th, 2013 01:38 am (UTC)
i got addicted to facebook and twitter. But I'm working on fic i'm too chicken to post on A03 so i'll likely post it here eventually.
Dec. 6th, 2013 04:17 am (UTC)
hahaha - your icon made me laugh...and then have a coughing fit. Thanks.

I don't understand facebook. Why would you want someone to know so much stuff about your life. It just sounds dangerous to me. At least LJ is pretty anon. *is old and knows it shows*

Post your stuff! Pleeze?

Dec. 6th, 2013 06:25 pm (UTC)
Lol it was an actual thing ar a pub in seattle man it made me laugh.
Fb can be dangerous but one can lit what they put on there and who has access. I do like the privacy of lj tho. Its my secret side where FB is my public side haha

My fic is hobbit tho. Might not hold much interest tho there will be smartassery and violence hahaha
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