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Thank you for the kind wishes/words for my mom and cat.  Much appreciated.  
So, here's what happenin' in Eden...

First - 
tax season is officially OVER!   

Second - 
Ratchet is home and doing well.  His bladder had swollen to twice its size because his urethra was totally blocked with crystals.  Also known as 'plugged-penis syndrome'.  OK, I had to giggle a little at that.  Even though it was totally life-threatening.  
The vet inserted a catheter and they flushed his bladder twice.  Kept him overnight until he peed on his own.  I am still giving him antibiotics and he now has to eat special food.  I am surprised that he actually ate some of the dry and wet food.  Ratch is an extremely picky eater, previously he wouldn't eat anything but Whiskers and some Pounce treats once in awhile.  And no people food.  Weird cat.  
Anyway, I haven't checked out the cost of buying from the vet vs. buying from the internet.  If I can find it there somewhere.  I haven't looked yet.  I guess I will probably switch both cats over, then I won't have to worry about Ratch stealing Blue's food.  

Last -
My sister and I took ma to the ER on the same evening that I took Ratch to the vet.  She complained that her leg was numb, then complained of pain in the same leg.  When we put her to bed, we saw that her right leg was very swollen and mottled.  Looked just like the pic in the wiki -

An ultrasound was done, and they found a clot in the common femoral vein, above the knee.  Not good.  She was started on a couple meds, one to stop additional clotting (I forget the name), and Coumadin, a blood thinner.  Not that great to give to a 91 yo.  But, something needed to be done.  There were no other precipitating factors, so we figure inactivity is the culprit.  
The doc wanted to keep her in the hospital overnight, but my sis was afraid that, with the dementia, ma would freak out (even though one of us would have stayed with her) and get drugged.  Once older folk get those...I forget the name of the mind drugs...psychotic things, their personality never goes back to how they were before.  We saw it with my aunt when she was in the nursing home.  It was pretty sad.  Anywho, they let us take her home, probably because my sis is an RN and could take control.  I got home a little after midnight.  
It is very dangerous, the clot could still break loose and travel to a lung or where-ever and cause instant death.  Or she could fall or knock herself and bleed.  One of us walks next to her as she uses the walker and we are keeping her legs elevated.  Hopefully the clot will break up and dissipate in three months.    
We've already gone to the PMD twice for blood work.  What a pain.  Looks like we'll be making a weekly trip there for the immediate future.  

And get this -
I tried to e-file mom's tax returns and they were rejected.  Turns out the SSA has an incorrect birth date.  Since 1938.  We have to go down to the offices with ma's birth certificate to see what's up with that.  I don't understand it - I e-filed her stuff using a different program for the past...oh, eight years or so, with no problems or rejections.  More stress.  
The government is incompetent.  I don't know why I'm surprised.  

My truck's inspection and registration expired at the end of March.  I forgot.  I'll be dropping it off to get inspected tom'r night.  Plus taking off the snow tires and some 90k special service it needs for the guarantee.  
Just what I don't need is a ticket.  Ratchet used up all my money already.    

That's about it for tonight.  I'm tired and can't do anymore.  My CTS is killing me.  
Good night all. 

Terrible about Boston.  What the hell is wrong with people?  
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Apr. 19th, 2013 05:15 am (UTC)
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