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I Went, I Saw, I Squee-ed

It's 4am in the morning.  Yawn.  I am pretty awake, we got back from seeing ROTF at midnight at the Regal in Orchard Park around 3:20am.  I have never been to a sold out movie before.  But again, I have never been to a premiere showing of any movie before.  Much less one at 12:01am. Not counting Rocky Horror, that is.
But, like a true obsessed fan, I made notes as I was watching.  Mostly for my own benefit, and I am going to post them here, in no particular order.  




“He’s here, I smell him.” - Ironide

“Damn, I’m good.” - Sideswipe
"Give me your face." - Prime
"Not to call you a coward master, but sometimes cowards do survive." - Starscream

"It’s supposed to hurt, it’s an ass-kicking." - Skids

Sam's mom was a riot, especially when she ate the brownies.

Soundwave gravelly voice was pretty sexy.  Actually, all the bots sounded pretty sexy this time around.

The Mack truck bulldog had a Decepticon face.  I want one. 

It seemed to be constant action.  Lots and lots of close-up and blurry action. 

The battles went so quickly, it was hard to see what was going on.  Seeing it again (and again and again and again) may help, but I am very glad my DVD can do stop action and play frame by frame.  I'm going to wear out that button when this comes out. 

Forest battle was intense and amazing.  To me, it looked like Prime went grey when he died, like in the 1986 movie (which I hate, hate, hate). 

Ravage very cool, Bee opened a can of whoop-ass on both Ravage and Rampage.  He pulled Ravage's tail out - eww.

This time around, Prime seemed harder, or maybe it was just weary. 

The Fallen reminded me of the emperor in star wars. Wonder if that was intentional?


Sam screaming shrilly like a little girl. Very funny stuff.


I never figured Simmons for a thong man.  He was great in this movie, I always had some sympathy for him, anyway. 


I think Jetfire said The Fallen was the original Decepticon. 

And Jetfire was pretty cool.  It was a little hard to understand some of what he said.  Same with Wheelie.  


Starscream had lots of screen time.  He looked really bad-ass with all those tattoos. 

Ew, Megatron had half his face destroyed in the end.  And the movie ending was a bit different from the book.

The Tomb of the Primes was rather sad.

And the Primes reminded me of the aliens in Alien.

That's it, I'm sure I'll notice more next time.



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