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Still alive, barely kicking.

This just occurred to my yesterday -
Arc of a Diver....
As in, swimming person. Duh.

I never had the album, so I guess the symbol on the cover passed me by. Plus, I always thought it was Christopher Cross.

Hmm, the video didn't work in the preview.  So, I guess I shall include the page links - just in case. 

Raise your hand if you know what that round, black thing is in the video.  haha.  I can't raise my arm too high right now because my shoulder arthritis is acting up.  Sad.  Just, so sad.  

I feel really drained. It's tax season, and I'm working Tues and Thurs evenings and all day Sunday. I can't handle any more.
Life wasn't supposed to be like this. Everything I do has to be reviewed as to the possible 'Mom Consequences'. My sister can barely get through a day without me to help her take care of ma. I am sick of it. It's like taking care of a 130 pound baby. If my sister hadn't alienated the remaining family members in the area, and wasn't so paranoid that she doesn't want any aids to come into the house, maybe we wouldn't have to do this alone. Such a soap opera.
I think I'm depressed. I came home from Walmart last Thursday, sat in my truck and just bawled. I didn't want to go in the house because it's so messy I hate going home. Sigh.

I do have one bright spot coming up on February 16th. I am going to see the Doodlebops live. By myself. I must remember to take my earplugs and binoculars. I'm in the front row balcony, and I'm hoping I can record some of the show on my phone. Yes, I am excited to see a "band" that caters to toddlers.
Hmm, I wonder what kind of souvenirs they will have? Somehow, I don't think they will carry any t-shirts in size XL.
If I had realy moxy, I'd wear a blue wig like my fav, Rooney.
I've bought 5 of their DVD's from Amazon. And I've finally memorized the Doodlebop pledge. I am pathetic, but they make me happy.


[Hey, Merion -
Have you seen this song - isn't it sweet? He's such a cutie.]


New topic -
Since Botcon is being held on the other side of the country this year, there is no way that I can go. Travel time alone would be two days, plus one or two days for the con. Not happening. I would come home to find either my sister dead of a heart attack or in prison for killing my mother. (Yes, my mom is is that aggravating. Sometimes I just want to punch her. But, that's another story.)
I am going to shoot for TFcon at the end of July. I really enjoyed going last year, and my brother should be in town at that time for the Corn Festival, and he could help my sister out.
I already made hotel reservations, hopeful that I can spend at least two days in a mini-vacation. If I drive up early Saturday morning, it's only a 3 hour trip and I can be there for the opening. Stay the night, and then I can either hang out for Sunday if they have any interesting seminars, or I can drive into the city to that farmer's market that my friend and I went to after the Springsteen concert. Or, just drive somewhere to see something. And, to top it off, stop at the duty free shop at the Peace Bridge to buy some Aero candy bars on the way home. Oh, heaven!
So I am thinking positive thoughts and saving my change. I need something to look forward to this summer.

Let's see - what else....
I try to read posts on my phone while at work, but I really can't comment very well because it's hard for me to see and type those tiny letters. But, I do have an idea of what's going on, anyway. I have been reading TF stories on Ao3, starting with the oldest stories posted there. I like that kudos button.
I received my Skywarp Knight Morpher in the mail today. I'll take a couple pics when I get the chance to share.
Speaking of pics, before we got wallopped with snow, I had been taking some pics of the frozen ground. I wanted to share them because I think they are fascinating in the shapes the ice takes. I just need to cut them down with paint. I need time! Okay, if I do just one a day, I should have a bunch to post on the weekend.
Speaking of weekend, I must color my hair this weekend. My grey's are showing something fierce because of the stress. Ah, I need to get to the store for more developer. And a new suit. Maybe if I'm not too tired Wed.

Well, I'm tired now, it's after 11pm and time for bed.  
Later, 'gaters. 

[Crossposted from DW. Apparently, I like to spread my boring Spam all over the Internet. And, I paid for both sites, so I should use them like a mad monkey. Comment at either place, I'm easy.]



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Feb. 5th, 2013 05:16 am (UTC)
Haha I still have vinyl. ^_^; Heart, Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, Asia, Thompson Twins... XD

Oh! I got my Knight Morpher TC! I can't remember if I gushed about him to you already... <3333333333333333 So so so so so so pretty...
And then I snagged a TF:Prime TC. I like the slinky design of Prime Seekers...maybe it's the heels. 8D I'm getting Skywarp, too.

Feb. 5th, 2013 08:13 am (UTC)
I'm so sorry you and your family are under so much stress.

Hmmm, I've still got a bunch of those round things lying around here somewhere.

This is a good organizing book, I bought it years ago but decluttered it during the resulting tossing spree, lol! I hope you can turn your house into the haven you deserve to come home to. :)

Aw, Rooney, so sweet and earnest. Heh, them and their pink, blue, and orange kite.
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