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Overnight in the big T-O.

I can't seem to catch up on anything this year. Summer is over and I don't know where it went!

Well, I did get one more mini-vacation last weekend. I went with my friend Kathy (hereafter known as 'Pounce') to see Bruce in Toronto's Rogers Centre Stadium.
You certainly get what you pay for - he played for three hours straight.

I got out of work early Friday, and we left shortly before 1pm. Nothing to report on the trip up - we didn't get lost this time. No parking at the hotel, so we pulled into an underground parking garage right next to the hotel. So tell me, when we came up for air, how come we were two blocks away from the hotel? Gah! My arm almost fell off from carrying our cooler from the car to the room.
Smallest hotel room I have ever seen -
probably 14' x 12'. And, no carpet! I've never seen a hotel/motel without a carpet, but I liked it. Expensive for one night ($150) and really too small for an extended stay for more than one person. But, very neat and clean.

We had plenty of time to go look for dinner, so we walked (I'm not too good with walking, as I am so out of shape. But, we took it slow and avoided a heart attack.) about five blocks to Fisherman's Wharf for a kick-aft dinner. I had steak (I'm a meat and potatoes gal) and Pounce had some seafood pasta thing. It had baby octopuses! Octopi. Little rubbery things with tentacles! Ewww.

She said it wasn't bad. I declined to taste. Had some excellent chocolate ice wine for dessert. I love ice wine. In fact, I think I shall pour myself some right now....
*smack* Mmm, raspberry.
The stadium was about 7 blocks away, and as we got closer to the convention center and stadium, we noticed people in strange costumes. I recognized a Sailor Moon, but nothing else was familiar to me. I had to ask someone who they were and what was going on. Turns out, that was the weekend for Canada's version of Comic Con.

I told Pounce that she was lucky we were only there overnight, otherwise I would have made her go to the con with me. I did have an Autobot t-shirt with me, so I would have fit right in! hahaha!

Took a pic of the CN Tower reflected in the glass while we had ice cream waiting for the crowds to thin so we could go inside.

Inside, we were way up in the nosebleed seats. Kind of scary, once seated, I didn't stand up because I was afraid of falling over the rail.

Shot of the stage, too far for anything good. I tried recording a couple songs, but the sound sucked so badly, I just couldn't subject you to them.

The CN Tower was right across from us, and I found the color changes very entertaining.
I didn't realize that how I held the phone mattered when recording, hence the tower on it's side. derp.

Walking back to the hotel (*huff, puff*) was pleasant, and we peeked into the convention center because it looked like there was a car show on the second floor.
Lo, and behold -
Pounce distracted the security guard and I touched it. I know, bad, bad. But, I couldn't resist. I went to sleep happy. All in all, a very good evening.

We had some time to waste Saturday morning before we left, and Pounce had researched the nearby St. Lawrence Market. Checking out around 9:30am, we hiked to the car to dump our stuff and walked at least ten miles to the market. Well, it felt like ten miles. Wait, let me look on the map....
Hmm, looks like seven or eight blocks. Farther than the stadium. But, man-oh-man, was it worth it!
We gawked like rubes (which we are) at the tall buildings. Here's some pics -

Solarized effect - we have old buildings like this in Buffalo. They are so beautiful.

Hockey Hall of Fame, blending old and new.

This was both cool and creepy.

Beavers all over this building. Made us laugh.

So, the St.LM is a combination of a fair, food and junk market, and busker festival. We figured we could have breakfast once we got there. I had a crepe for the first time (oh, heaven!) and one of these for breakfast -

okay guys, what would you call this?
The guy looked at me funny when I asked for 'pigs in a blanket'. He gets all offended and says, "There's no pigs involved." hahaha! Well, that's what we call them around here. They call them 'cabbage rolls' up there. Bo-ring.
Cabbage stuffed with a ground beef and rice mix.  I luvs them.  

Lots of meat and fresh veggies for sale in the building.  *drool* 


Stuff to buy and entertainers outside. These guys were funny. And cute.

Wandered around and found these musicians.  I LOVE tribal flute music!
We watched them for a while, and I bought their CD for $20, and left some of that funny monopoly money in their open suitcase.  (No offense to any Canadians intended!)    

There's a flute group that comes to our county fair, and I have all their CD's, it was nice to get some new, yet familiar, music.
Here's a direct link for a zip file to this group, if you like this kind of stuff. I hope I did it correctly, it's been awhile since I zipped anything.


How cool is this? You can rent a bike from the Bixi Bike Rental system (I think it's $15 a day), ride it around the city and leave it in any of the eighty or so bike docks in the area. We could have used this. I was surprised at how many people rode bikes downtown. Well, like I said - rube.

Left Toronto around 1:30pm, and the traffic home was very heavy and slow.  It took us about four hours to get home. We forgot that there was a Bills game and that was probably the reason for most of the traffic towards Buffalo.
I was home at 5:30pm.

It was really nice to get away and not worry about helping with my mom.
We had a great time. 

I have a couple more posts I want to do, hopefully I'll get them done tonight. Plus do some commenting while watching 'America's Got Talent'.   Tom Cotter better make it through or I'm gonna be ticked. 

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