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Dragondancer asked me what Tarot decks I had, so I finally took some pics. Sorry for the blurriness and funny color, but it was too wet to take outdoor shots.

This is the deck that is my current favorite. Shadowscapes Tarot -
- Featuring mermaids, fairies, dragons, sprites and fantastical animals, I think it is so beautiful. I keep it on my headboard, so that it gets imbued with my 'spiritual essence' as I sleep. Ha - it is probably just getting permeated with nightmares lately.

I have this tiny little deck, no good for actual use as it is too small.
But, it is a cool conversation piece.

My Rider deck, one of the old reliables, has been MIA for a year. I think I put it in the garage when I was cleaning last year.
I bought it back in 1975 when I was still in high school, and it was the deck with which I honed my skills. Fun fact - my senior project was the card pictured here - the fool - painted on an 18"x12"x1/4" piece of wood. I still have it somewhere. Only, I put the Fool in a navy blue tunic.
This pretty much used to be the only deck you could find, way back when. Now they have all sorts of pretty decks around. I found the old interpretation book that came with the deck, but not the deck itself. That is why I had to get the Shadowscapes.

LOTR deck.
I bought this during the furor over Jackson's movie trilogy. Never used, I should probably sell them. I was disappointed in the artwork.

I have been a vampire fan since high school (not the sparkly ones), and when I saw this Vampire Tarot Deck on ebay, I just had to buy.
I've had it almost 10 years and like it, but have never used it for any spreads. I think the artwork is too dark an influence for me. I am much more comfortable with the images on the Shadowscape deck. (I'm a happy and flighty person, don't-cha-know!) This is another one I should probably sell.

One of these days, I will finish the set of TF stories I have planned that revolve around Mirage doing spreads for all the mechs. I have ideas jotted down, but nothing is fleshed out. No time, no time. Besides, I promised myself I would finish Planet Mudball before I started anything new. Yeah. Don't hold your breath. 

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Feb. 25th, 2012 05:08 am (UTC)
I adore Tarot cards! I like using them not for fortune-telling, but to help myself/others think in different directions and explore other possibilities. Really makes you think.

I have one deck, nothing fancy. I've read numerous times that you are to cherish and show warmth and respect to your cards and they will be more connected to you. I should get mine out and.... I don't know... build them a bed or something. Sheesh!

There are many I think are beautiful. I'd love to decorate with them somehow. Too bad they are so expensive.
Feb. 26th, 2012 04:33 pm (UTC)
Sleep with them like I do! teehee.

So many pretty cards available now. Yes, they are so expensive, but sometimes you might be able to get a deal on ebay.

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