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Just a quickie post.

I've been sick all week, I caught that thing that's been going around. You know, where your head feels like it's full of concrete. First Ma had it, than Barb caught it, and she passed it to Larry. It was only a matter of time before I would get sick. BECAUSE THEY WON'T LEAVE MY OFFICE PHONE ALONE AND THEY GET THEIR NASTY GERMS ALL OVER THE MOUTHPIECE!! *grumble* I keep spraying with Lysol, but apparently that is not fullproof.

At least my version wasn't as bad as Barb's - she's still hacking. I could still function at 85% and still go to both jobs. Am very tired, though. Most of my spare time this past week has been spent in bed napping. I worked all day today and have to go in tom'r morning for a special farm client. they cancelled on me today, and I said I would go in special to do their return - even though I really don't want to. It's a big commission for me, so I do kind of kiss their aft to keep them happy. And, they usually bring me something from the farm. Last year I got a dozen eggs and a jar of homemade maple syrup. They are very nice folk.

On the way home today, I stopped at Geoffrey's place to see if they had any TFP toys. Nothing there, but I did see those cute new Botshots they had pictured on Seibertron.com. I'm a sucker for tiny, fat little jets, so I had to get SS.
Photobucket Photobucket

Isn't he a cutie widdle tubby jetty, hum?
But, apparently, I am too old to understand how to get his feet to stay locked so he is doing a wheelie in the picture.
they also had OP, Bee, Barricade and Sentinal.
Plus, I saw a dual pack of Preds - but it was $35 and I didn't want to spend that much. I already have about 4 Pred figures (plus the dog) and that is enuf.

I think I'm going to start selling my McCoy pottery [she goes off on a tangent] so I can get some $$ and space for my TF figures. I have too much clutter and no one will want the stuff when I die. So, I might as well sell some now when I can use the $$. I must have over 300 pottery pieces, and I really don't need that many. I should pare it down to under 50. In fact, I should sell some of my TF figures that I don't care that much about. So much crap to do and no time to get it done. I swear, this summer will be major clean out and get-the-house-in-shape.

But, now I am going to check out at least a page of posts and go to bed.

p.s. - gee, I just noticed that I didn't post this to DW. I kind of forgot all about it - I guess I really am tired.
p.p.s - oh, and thank you for all your kind comments on the last post. xo



Feb. 23rd, 2012 02:57 am (UTC)
The bot part isn't that great, but I love the fat jet mode. I had to put a piece of tape on the bottom to keep his feet in!

Yeah, I'm going to try to do some maybe this summer.
Same with the pottery. My pottery friend is going to take most of her stuff to a McCoy auction in Zanesville, OH (where McCoy came from) and I think I will give her a few boxes of my stuff.

thanks. Jan-April is always busy for me because of tax season and with ma it is even worse. Damn Real Life for interfering with my Internet social circle! >:[



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