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Feed the Fishies


Click to feed the fishies.
Get your own by clicking in the upper left hand corner of the box.  
Thanks to greengardenfrog for showing me this. 
I think I'm going to add this to my profile.


I am in Toronto for TFCon.  
woot woot

Wasn't sure if I would make it this year.  At first, I was supposed to go home Sat night, but my bro is visiting and he said he would help with ma so I could stay until Sunday.  Think I will try to leave by noon on Sunday though, traffic was a bitch coming up here today.  It has never taken me so long - over 3 hours.  It's a good thing I like to drive.  

I am really tired, so didn't go see the auction tonight.  I never buy anything anyway, so no great loss.  It's just amusing to watch.  
I have no shopping list for tom'r, just one autograph on a comic book.  Guess I'll see what I can see.  I may buy a Masterpiece Ratchet to go along with my Sunny & Sides.  Depends on how much he costs.  
I know a few people I know are up here. Maybe we'll ketchup.  
Made reservations at the expensive restaurant across the way to treat myself for dinner tom'r.  Yummy.  Can't wait.  

I got a new (same) phone because the battery on the old one was dying quickly.  And I mean, once it hit 60%, it faded in minutes.  Was very annoying.  I'm gonna try to load some of my game apps and stuff tonight.  I'm going into withdrawal.  hahaha - I play too many games.

So, good night, I'll sleep tight and not let the bedbugs bite.  

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Corpse Flower from Botanical Gardens

OK, I did promise some pics from earlier in the summer.

Buffalo's Botanical Gardens has a few corpse flowers, and two of them bloomed this summer.
The first, Morty, on June 11th, who turned out to be a dud. It never really unfurled. I was so annoyed because I made a special effort to go there on a weeknight at 9pm.

But, I'd never been there before, and they did have some cool stuff.

Then, on 6/30, I saw on the news that Fester was getting ready to open. I figured it would probably open really quickly because of the hot, hot weather, so I again went down there in the evening. It was great, hardly any people.
And, Fester was open!

Some people were complaining of the smell, but I didn't think it was bad. Just a little stinky, maybe like...dirty feet. I've smelled plenty of dead animals and it was nothing like that, at all. I guess it depends on how sensitive your smeller is.

So, I am glad I went and now I don't have to ever go again.

To complete our flora theme, here is my little stump in the front yard with some coleus and succulents.

That's it, I'm working on loading the airshow pics. I think I have to do the videos on youtube. What a pain.

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TFcon 2018

Ah, I had such a nice time at TFcon in Toronto this weekend. Although any time away from home is a plus.
The drive up and back was trouble free, just a couple slowdowns coming home. oh, no - I lied. I got lost again going. What the hell is wrong with me that I always take the wrong exit off the QEW? And the Google phone map thing kept trying to put me on the toll road, 407, which I didn't want. (It's super-expensive - I only had to make that mistake once.)
Saw an old friend, met some new friends. All in all, a super weekend.

I didn't take many pics, and ones I did take weren't very exciting. So, I have nothing to really show you.
You can always go to TFCon on facebook and look at other people's stuff.

Bluestreak was ready to be packed. What is it with cats and suitcases?

My loot -
I wanted to specifically get the Sunstreaker figure, and just couldn't buy him without his [impulse buy] bro.
Now I need to find a 12 year old to transform him to mech mode. It takes me forever.
I also adopted the Nemesis plushbutt, who was searching for a home. I told S. I would take good care of him. I'm told he likes his head scratched. No problem - he's giving me the evil eye right now, waiting.

Picked up my yearly DVD of the previous year's con, autobot and seeker patches from S, a winter scarf, pins, keychains and necklaces. Yes, it seemed to be another Sunny/Sides loot year.

Also got a bunch of autographs on some of my comic books.

So, my goal is to actually unpack my stuff tonight, AND put it away. I don't want stress again looking for a missing passport.

I'll try to post again in the next couple days. I wanna show you some stuff.
Good night.

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I am such a liar!
Said I'd do an update way back in May.
Sometimes it's just so hard to do anything.
I do have some stuff to share, but no time to post it now. Like, an air show, corpse flower, and misc stuff.

I kind of procrastinated because I wasn't sure what was going on this month.

I am going to Toronto for the convention. What a roller coaster - first Larry was scheduled to testify on 7/10, then drive to his parents for a visit. We weren't sure that he would be back in time. Then, found out last week the trial was postponed. Yay.

So, I started getting stuff together and - couldn't find my passport.
panic panic panic panic panic.
I am such a loser.
Took me 3 hours of frantic searching last night and today to find it in a box with my Toronto folders of maps and info.
Such an asshole loser.
Seriously, I was crying, I was so upset.

But, my trip is saved, and I can't wait to get out of here.

I need to finish most of my packing tonight, as I'm leaving around 3pm tomorrow. *dances*

so excited!!!!!!

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coyote video

I think there was an accident on the Thruway, and once the sirens started, so did the coyotes.
So cool.

chat discussion - just temporary for DR

· [04:27:11] Green dwaink: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MSg0Otwgz4
· [04:27:35] Green dwaink: i don't even know what being an American means anymore.....
· [04:35:53] Saint yummyquik: fake news.
· [04:46:48] Green dwaink: yummy are u saying that this isn't actually happening?

· [13:41:10] Saint yummyquik: What I think, dwaink, is that we are only getting part of the story (which is the modus operandi of the big news outlets). From what I've read, the illegal immigrant adults are immediately sent to jails run by US Marshals, and the children cannot be put
· [13:43:03] Saint yummyquik: be put in jail with them. So, they are taken away to be placed in foster homes - temporarily - until we can get the adults processed. The illegals are stupid to bring their children, what do they expect to happen? Anyway, it happens, but not exactly as
· [13:43:12] Saint yummyquik: as always reported.

· [19:04:51] Green dwaink: yummy i thank u for responding...everything u have stated(which i also believe to be true) is included in that news bit
· [19:06:44] Green dwaink: what is new is that this admin has decided to suddenly start seperating children from their mothers with no legal basis(it is against the laws of the land) and then defend the practice in court as if they don't believe the children have no parents.
· [19:07:39] Green dwaink: they are being treated as unaccompanied minors and they stating that with no papers they don't believe the parents are the parents
· [19:08:40] Green dwaink: and the judges then say did u try DNA testing? which in every case proves they are the parents. They have brought children as young as 18 months into court
· [19:09:57] Green dwaink: and the reason they are doing this is to act as a "tough" deterent to imgrants entering the country. they do this to those that cross the border and those that show up at a declaration point as well
· [19:11:12] Green dwaink: John Kelly stated this exactly in a press conference, and when asked if this was legal or wether the children were being well cared for stated "these children will be looked after...or whatever"
· [19:12:35] Green dwaink: 1500 of these children were lost last year by the government, they have no idea or record of where these children are....these unacompanied minors...who entered the country with their parents
· [19:13:18] Green dwaink: this has never happened before, this is brand new and it is a legally undefensible action by the admin and ice
· [19:14:42] Green dwaink: when slavery was in action and when Hitler was killing Jews this sort of thing happened...this is not the United States of 2018...it is utterly heinous and can not be tolerated


IMO, this is the best anti-smoking commercial I have ever seen. I will think of this whenever I hear the song from now on. And, that my friends is effective advertising.
NYS is showing a version of this, so I searched on youtube. Apparently, the original is from Ireland.
Much more effective to me than the nasty commercials that show diseased lungs and poor people that are dying from cancer because of smoking.
My parents never smoked, and I consider myself lucky that I never started. I have no will power and can't imagine trying to quit something so addictive. I can't even quit chocolate.

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 Ooh, something to post.
Snagged from mmouse15, who snagged it from zhelena.  Thanks.

01. Do you make your bed every day?
No.  Used to, but now I don't care.  

02. What's your favorite number?

03. What is your job?
Ass't manager is my official title, but I mostly do all the office stuff in between helping to take care of mom.  And, I work at H&R Block during the tax season, a job I enjoy much more.   

04. If you could, would you go back to school?
Um, probably not.  I don't have the time right now.  I am required to take tax classes each year to continue work preparing returns.   

05. Can you parallel park?
I don't think so - I can't recall the time I had to even try.  

06. Name a job you had which people would be shocked to know you had.
Can't think of any shocking job - I've always worked white collar stuff.  

07. Do you think aliens exist?
I would think so, the universe is too large.  I hope they never come here.    

08. Can you drive a stick shift?
Yes - I love to drive a manual.  Vroom, vroom, ride that clutch.  hahaha.  Knowing how the gears worked helped when I learned to ride a motorcycle.  

09. Guilty pleasure?
Internet pet sites, large cherry ICEEs, small chocolate dipped in cherry from DQ, swings.

10. Favorite childhood game?
Honey West and her sidekick (my baby bro).  The front porch was our secret lair and we had a long, convoluted way to leave, over the rail, around the fir tree, hop the well, one swing on the swing and jump off, up the slide ladder and slide down, across the front of the garage, and under the rail into the cow yard.  Then, we'd do stuff.  Hey, what do you expect from an 8yo?  
haha, good times.  

11. Do you talk to yourself?
Not out loud, although I always have a running commentary in my head.   

12. Do you like doing puzzles?
No, never have.   

13. Favorite music?
Oldies, big hair bands from the 80's, religious Christmas music.  

14. Coffee or Tea?
Ice tea.  I have never had coffee.  

15. First thing you remember you wanted to be when you grew up?
A dinosaurologist.  I made that word up as a kid because paleontologist was too hard to say.   

16. Favorite Season?
Summer = motorcycle season.  

17. Truck or Car?
I love my truck!  

18. Steak or Salad?
Steak, I've always been a meat and potato gal.  I'm not a rabbit so keep that salad to yourself.  

19. Cat or dog?
Hard to say, as we've always had both around all my life.  I think I'm a cat person, but dogs have that unconditional love thing and you don't have to clean out a dog box.  I've got 2 cats now, and would like to get another dog this summer.  

20. The most influential person from your childhood?
I don't know.  Maybe my other sister.   

21. Crafty or all thumbs?
Crafty to a certain degree.  I draw fairly well and can do artsy-fartsy stuff with good directions.  Not very good with mechanical things, although I could change oil and spark plugs.   

22. Biggest fear?
Spiders.  Cancer.  Losing my sight. 

23. Pessimist or Optimist?
Naive optimist.

24. Favorite Holiday?
Used to be Halloween, but that was when I had parties to attend.  Maybe Independence Day. 
I hate most holidays, they are usually depressing for me.  

25. Mountains or Ocean?
I really don't have any experience with either.  Maybe ocean because I like sand and could collect shells.  

26. People person?

27. White, Milk, or Dark Chocolate?

28. Do you like to cook?
No.  I only make stuff I like to eat, and that is sporadically.  It takes too much time so I eat a lot of frozen dinners, like Schwans, or stuff like buttered noodles.  Even when I was married I didn't cook, we each made our own meals.  I believe that makes me a failure as a woman.  Oh, well.  

29. Night owl or morning person?
Morning, I'm usually awake before the alarm.  

30. Flannel sheets in winter?
No, I just never got around to buying them, I prefer the weight of blankets. I have 6 layers on the bed, 2 quilts, 2 blankets, a sheet and a cat.  

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So, Happy New Year everybody.
I sincerely hope 2018 is better than 2017. I can't imagine it getting worse. Oh, I shouldn't have said that - I probably just cursed myself.
Nope, nope, I am going to start out positive. An Optimist Prime, if you will.

My silly little tradition of keeping track of the first song I hear when I wake up continues.

Hmm, yes, this applies very well. I MUST clean my pigsty, otherwise I can't get a dog. Plus...it is a pigsty and I hate coming home to see it.
I started off pretty well, I was vacuuming before midnight and I threw out old cat toys. Wow, I have a lot of cat hair around here.
Anyway, I need to take care of my business.

Today's horoscope from the paper also goes along with that theme, I think. Well, except for the romance part. Unless the stars are referring to the head butts I get from Ratchet.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Stick to your game plan and you will show stamina, strength and consistency. Good luck is in your corner with regard to work and domestic deals. Travel and romance will go hand in hand. A little romance will bring you high returns.

Have a good day, week, month, and year everybody.
Now, I'm back to work.

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